Feedburner’s Total Stats Pro

If you have a blog, you may already know about FeedBurner, a “feed enhancement service.” I don’t serve my feeds from FeedBurner, but lots of people do.

They’ve always provided some free statistics, and recently enhanced the free stats with ad summary performance and circulation trend charting. But they now have a premium service called Total Stats Pro that adds referrer reporting, detailed item and ad stats, including who’s syndicating your feed. Pricing is pretty cheap.

Feedburner’s Total Stats Pro

Flickrizing Yahoo!

Not a lot of blogging lately – not because there’s nothing to talk about, but because I’m up to my eyeballs in resumes and recruiting. (If you can code, and you understand web data, get in touch!)

Regarding Yahoo!’s purchase of Flickr – some random thoughts:

  1. I suspect Flickr will influence Y! more than the other way ’round.
  2. Tagging (aka folksonomies) will show up in other places on Y!.
  3. We (SDS) need a strategy for figuring out how to analyze/report on tags (perhaps with similar technology that’s used to power the the buzz index).
  4. Tags are going to give Overture and Google a whole new set of opportunities and headaches for context advertising. On the surface, they look like they could be used like search terms, but in so many ways, they’re a lot different.
  5. I’m glad I had the foresight (or lack of imagination) to create a Flickr ID that’s the same as my Yahoo! ID.
Flickrizing Yahoo!

PR in 2005

So I was IMing with a friend today. His company is doing some very cool stuff and got some good press recently. I told him he should have a “CEO’s blog” so I can find out about it:

him: i have my own pr team...
me: but if you had a ceo blog, you could link to those news items,
         and they'd show up in my RSS reader.  it would be an easy way
         for me to keep tabs on what the company is up to.
         i can't be bothered to remember to go to your web site.
him: aren't you in the opt in list
him: do you get periodic emails from us?
me: no, i don't want it in my mailbox. email is so 90s

and then he was off to do whatever CEOs do.

Dude, I know you read this and understand “connectors”.

Let people talk to you, and link to you.

PR in 2005