A pile of April numbers

comScore Media Metrix released a bunch of Web-related numbers today, see
Online Consumers Catch Spring Fever In April

The results are looking very mature, and show that the Internet and Web are becoming mainstream in people’s lives. What I mean by that is that the big gainers seem to be around seasonal sites, e.g. Mother’s Day, baseball, and career services (for graduates).

Of particular note – they have decided to start tracking photos sites as its own category (although didn’t release any numbers this month). Also, check out the gains to wikipedia, a 40% growth in unique users over March.

Finally, I’d never seen any numbers for the various web mail services, so was surprised to see that for all the noise about Gmail, it had 3.5 million unique users in April, vs. 64 million for Yahoo and 43 million for Hotmail.

A pile of April numbers

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