The Technology that Wouldn’t Die

Guy Creese has a post about Datanautics, the company formed from the ashes of the old Accrue Software. Having done some detective work, Guy notes that analytics pioneer I/Pro is offering support for Datanautics customers, and have overlapping management teams.

I know Datanautics had been shopping the technology – last week, multiple vendors at Emetrics told me they’d been approached. So it looks like I/Pro ended up with it.

In 1996 when we were pitching the original business plan that would become Accrue, people would ask “how are you going to compete with I/Pro?” At the time, I/Pro was focused on services and auditing, not hard-core behind-the-firewall analytics, so our answer was that they were different beasts. Fast forward 9 years and there’s your answer…

So what happens to Datanautics? Last week two different people told me the company has changed direction, changed their name, and has something new in the works that leverages the existing technology. I was told the new name, but I don’t remember it.

I’ve long thought the technology underlying AccrueDatanautics G2 could be repurposed for lots of other large-scale analysis, the only sticking point was developing the expertise to build a solution using the technology. Have they done it?

The Technology that Wouldn’t Die

5 thoughts on “The Technology that Wouldn’t Die

  1. blacky nash says:

    hey, how about all of us accrue stock holders who still own this stock…accrue got some funding, changed its name to datanautics and still has the same corp location and product…the only thing they dont have are all of us stock holders who they’re trying to dump…but i understand the bankruptcy is not settled and maybe there is still hope for us…this stock continues to trade on the pink sheet under acurq or….some large blocks are still being purchased off and on…there is some activity almost daily….however, to try and get any info from datanautics management or anyone has been futile by myself, my stock brokers and others who have tried….anyone have any info on where us stock holders stand…it’s hard to understand the large blocks of this stock still being ;purchased off and on…it’s almost like someone has some info about the future of accrue stock?

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