My Head Is Buzzing

Yahoo! Buzz OK, I admit it. I’ve never understood how Yahoo! Buzz works. I’ve just decided it’s one of those things I’m not supposed to understand, like financial accounting. I think my math skills should transfer, but they don’t. Maybe Swaroop C H can explain it to me (Buzz, not accounting).

Given that, Buzz did something with blogs. I think. So “Fark” gets the top spot on Y! Search, but it’s only #5 on Technorati?

I’m sure there’s something cool and insightful I can glean from this. Maybe about the different demographic profiles of Yahoo! Search and Technorati users. I’ll think of it, I swear.

My Head Is Buzzing

2 thoughts on “My Head Is Buzzing

  1. Hey Bob,

    From a fifty-thousand foot view, Buzz basically calculates scores for each query term but takes various factors into account (for example, spelling mistakes, .com, etc. etc.) and many more things in the hood that the public doesn’t see … information about the scores and other stuff is at

    Hope I was able to give a overview 😉

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