Roaring into the 2000s

Today I bought my first digital-only “CD” online.
Thom Yorke

I have the iPhone, manage my music with iTunes, and all that. But until today, I never actually purchased any music in digital-only format. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned (or just old), but I like the physical medium. I’m sure the recording industry wishes there were more of me…

Today I read that Most fans paid $0 for Radiohead album, and being a Radiohead fan, remembered I hadn’t heard “In Rainbows” yet. So it’s off to the Radiohead site, and a few british pounds later, downloaded the “album”.

It’s ten songs in 160kbps MP3 format. Not archival quality, for sure. It comes with the basic ID3 tags mostly in place, except genre. But the songs themselves — the music — just fabulous.

Since there’s no cover art, I made my own, a screen snap from the In Rainbows site. Because, you know, for Cover Flow.
In Rainbows

Roaring into the 2000s

One thought on “Roaring into the 2000s

  1. I was wondering what people would end up paying for that “album” and I’m so sad/disappointed to hear that most people paid $0. How does one justify that? Do they honestly feel that it is worth nothing or are they just being cheap? Either way, it sucks.

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