How To Excite People About Web Analytics: Five Finger Tips

It’s been said that people would rather pull off a finger nail than learn how to leverage their website data. I’ve thought about that a lot lately, and think I have the answer:

A good manicure. French, maybe.

But really, this is all soo sad because the reality is that. . . .

Web Analytics is like a drag queen: It has Really Big Hair, killer eye makeup, and knows how to promote itself:


We believe it, but how do we get to a point where others in the organization do as well?

Step One for each and everyone of us (and you are unique and abnormal in that you read a web analytics blog!) is to accept and recognize the fact that Web Analytics might might be seen as outside the mainstream and a bit freakish. Once you accept then you can move on and do something about it.

I think that’s all the steps required, really!

With extreme apologies to Avinash, and extreme thanks to June.

PS to Jim Sterne: no, I will not. Don’t even ask, ‘K?

How To Excite People About Web Analytics: Five Finger Tips

4 thoughts on “How To Excite People About Web Analytics: Five Finger Tips

  1. Dear lord Bob … although I guess I’m glad you had the guts to publish the photo. I certainly didn’t. I have to admit that I am pretty amazed/proud of June for really getting into the WAW spirit!

    Hopefully we can get a similar photo of you, June, Avinash, and Jim at the big SF event on May 6th!


  2. OK, that beats anything I could think up. I was going to go write something about Web Analytics is….work. However, you have absolutely hit the meme out of the park. You have gone to an unmeasurable place that looks to be scary and fun at the same time!
    – Dylan

  3. Don’t worry Bob – I’d never ask you to do something I wouldn’t do myself. But ohhh – the Photoshop possibilities!
    Even better than Eric Peterson as Sony Bono…

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